Sideshow Gallery



Sideshow Gallery is a truly unique and magical place in the heart of Chicago with an ever changing creative spirit that will inspire you.  We love the occult, travelling to obscure places, heavy metal music, supporting our scene of artists and freaks, hunting for the most unusual and oddball things and making our store look beautiful.  In our shop you will find unique one of a kind natural specimens, skulls and taxidermy, handmade jewelry,  oddities and vintage treasures, candles, herbs and tools to perform magic,  and lots and lots of ART!  We always have something going on with a heavy rotation of classes, art shows, pop ups, markets and larger annual events to keep the community learning and the party going.  Owners Cheri Basak and Anne Elliott have been best friends for 25 years,  and out of that friendship Sideshow Gallery was created to continually inspire people and live FREE!