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Moon Nectar Sprays 4oz.

Moon Nectar Sprays 4oz.


Mercurial Mist

Use daily to help awaken your senses and smell fresh.

•Masculine •Planets:  Mercury + Mars •Elements:  Air •Zodiac:  Gemini + Aries
•Crystal Prescription:  Peacock ore, Red Jasper, Moldavite, Rutilated quartz, Blue lace agate

BENEFITS: Brain stimulator •Promotes blood circulation •Awakens senses

INGREDIENTS: Rosewater, Camphor, Rose, Juniper berry, Cassia, Sage, Geranium, Vitamin E oil + Citric acid


Waxing Moon Spray

Spray on and around work space to promote peace and inner-calm.  Cleanses energy around you to promote productivity and growth for ideas and projects.

•Feminine •Planet: Moon •Element: Air •Zodiac: Pisces
•Crystal Prescription:  Apophyllite, Stibilite, Amethyst, Labradorite

BENEFITS: Cleanses Aura •Promotes Creativity, productivity •Cleanses and releases negativity

INGREDIENTS: Orange blossom water, citric acid, & various essential oils


Night Blooming Floral Mist

Daily face + body spray with uplifting floral scent.  Aphrodisiac, Anti-depressant qualities, to lift spirits.

•Feminine •Planets:  Venus + Moon •Elements:  Water •Zodiac:  Libra
•Crystal Prescription:  Agate, Ruby, Labradorite, Amethyst, Clear quartz.

BENEFITS: Aphrodisiac •Anti-depressant •Refreshing •Floral Aroma

INGREDIENTS: Rosewater, Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Neroli, Palmarosa, Rose, Vitamin E oil & Citric acid

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